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“… a dream to work with. I previously hired another firm and was disappointed by the results as well the dialog with their executives. After paying $3,000, I decided that I needed to find another resume company that could better serve me, that’s when a friend suggested [your firm]. From my first exploratory call, I knew I was in good hands. You understood my target market and what I was looking to accomplish. The first draft was very on target and only required a few small tweaks. The writing team was pleasant, easy to work with and very accommodating when scheduling appointments. I would highly recommend them and would use them again, if needed.”
– Wholesale & Retail Merchandising Executive

“In the evolving recruiting landscape, in order to compete with a vast array of viable candidates, if you want to land the perfect job you have to evolve the way you represent your talents and professional experience. Their team helped me reevaluate the way I was writing and speaking about my career and experience, verbally and on LinkedIn and my CV. With their help I landed the perfect job in a leadership role at an excellent company and in a city that I love. The team is incredibly professional and always available, and more importantly, they know what they are doing. HIGHLY recommended.”
– Senior Director of Analytics at F1000 Company

“I took some time last night to review the materials and some time this morning to re-review with fresh eyes. I can not identify one edit that I would like to make. I appreciate the time we spent upfront to go through my background. I honestly believe it paid off big time. Those conversations pushed me in ways I really needed to be pushed and I am extremely grateful.”
– Executive Leader in Large Financial Firm

“‘Ridiculously talented’ is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about their team. It was a real pleasure to work directly with [them] on my personal brand, and collaborating on my resume and LinkedIn profile. It was important to me to start with my ‘why’ and they delivered above my expectations. They have a no non-sense approach and I found that a breath of fresh air.”
– Logistics and Supply Chain Executive

“I began making preparations for my job hunt in mid-Nov. Fortunately, I found this team…. After a few meetings regarding my career pursuits and prior positions, [they] produced a powerful resume that was articulate and in an aesthetically pleasing format. [They] then adjusted my Linkedin profile…. Then the fun started! The week before Christmas my Linkedin profile began to get flooded with interest from recruiting firms and companies. The inquiries just kept coming! In fact, just today I have been in touch with two more recruiters. Anyway, by the first week of January I was already beginning to have interviews. I started doing 2-4 interviews a week with all the recruiters and companies reaching out to me. The best part about my entire story is that I have yet to apply to a job…. Recently, I had two offers on the same day. The decision to invest in my career and work with them was by far the best career move I have ever made. If you are reading this, and you are passionate about your career growth, I highly encourage you to contact [them]. Trust me when I say that the results are amazing!”
– Business Operations Manager at Leading Global Professional Services Firm

“After 20 years in tech and digital it had been a long time since I had taken any time to reflect on what I had accomplished and what I enjoy doing. [Professional Resume Writers] was instrumental in helping me think through what I wanted to do next and distilling down 20 years of experience in less than 2 pages. [Their] process helps you reflect and focus on bringing out important milestones that demonstrate the value you can bring to all stages of companies. I recommend [their] services to any executive that is looking for a knowledgable sounding board and developing a great profile/resume of their accomplishments.”
– Executive VP and Chief Digital Officer at S&P 500 company

“[Professional Resume Writers are] an amazing translator of experience. [They have] mentored me on how to improve my skills in translating my military and private sector work in a way that appeals to an executive level audience. Once the resume and cover letter was delivered, I received 6 job interviews within 6 weeks. It has been my experience that [Professional Resume Writers] will provide tactful and honest recommendations to improve [their] clients chances of landing their target career opportunity. I highly recommend [them]!”
– Senior Cybersecurity Leader at NYSE Company with Over 100,000 Employees

“I received 2 job offers within 2 months of when you crafted my outstanding resume and cover letter. Thank you again for exceptional service and be on the lookout for my referrals.”
-Senior Executive at McKinsey & Co.

“I just wanted to thank you for the help you have given … there are few people in your profession that can handle the counseling and career guidance attached to this process as effectively as you.”
– Senior Executive

“This was an excellent investment… I have just gotten through to the first round of interviews at a major consulting company using this improved resume.”

“I would absolutely work with your team again…and reach out when looking for ways to refine my credentials and best market them to prospective employers..”
– Investment Banking Analyst

“As a repeat customer I can assure you…she knows exactly what employers are looking for… I first met them through the WSJ and quickly found out why they spoke so highly….”
– Senior Consultant, Booz Allen Hamilton

“I was approached by many companies to rewrite my resume and was highly skeptical…. She impressed me immediately… I will continue to recommend you to anyone I meet.”
HR Manager

“Your team identified the critical information that made me more marketable and was able to put that story on paper.”
Senior Sales Executive


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